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Moodle 2.7 is due out in a few months this summer (for the northern hemisphere), Moodle HQ already hard at work on all of the changes, new features and enhancements that will be part of the core. In about 2 weeks a full demo of new features will be available according to the Moodle Integration Announcement. Features for 2.7 include:

  • new Events system
  • new framework for logging
  • new text editor (Atto)
  • improved Bootstrap themes for usability
  • push notifications for the mobile app

You can stay abreast of the development roadmap and important dates at http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Roadmap

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  1. Just to be clear about this – this is a target date to review the current state of features which will or will not make it into the release. There isn’t going to be a publicly available demo at this time. (Aside from qa.moodle.net which is continually being updated – but even that won’t include all the features).

  2. Dan, thanks for the note. I assumed QA.moodle.net but didn’t realize that everything wouldn’t be available to there on that date.

    I appreciate the updates as always!


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