Elegance Theme finds a new home with iyWare and Danny Wahl


Danny Wahl, creator of themes like Zebra and Melbourne, officially has taken over as lead developer of one of Moodle’s most popular recent themes: Elegance. Originally created and maintained by Julian Ridden, in his absence the theme was at risk. Thanks to the new policies and Plugins Adoption Programme charted by David Mudrak, Danny and Julian coordinated a smooth handoff ensuring that the popular Bootstrap based theme will live on.

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According to Danny Wahl’s post on the role,

[Julian’s] sudden departure left a huge hole in the Moodle community and specifically in the support department for the Elegance theme. Which is a bummer, and on a personal note, we had just arranged with several clients to do a roll-out to Elegance on 2.7 two days before the announcement was made, d’oh! We figured, since we were already going to be supporting Elegance for some of our clients for the foreseeable future (until we could get them onto something actively developed at least) we should push our changes to the community. Some people liked this, some people didn’t.

Well, today I’m pleased to announce that we are now officially, and with the blessing of Julian and the Moodle Plugin Liaison David Mudrak, the lead developers of the Elegance theme for Moodle. We don’t currently have a lot of short-term plans for Elegance, other than fixing regressions introduced in 2.7 and patching existing bugs, but we do have some ideas coming down the road.

Since it’s launch in February 2014 Elegance has been downloaded over 18000 times.

Download it here: https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=theme_elegance