images (1)Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) works in over 30 developing countries and recruits/deploys between one and two thousand volunteers abroad a year to help combat poverty. HowtoMoodle has a Case Study published at that highlights how they worked to upgrade the VSO Moodle to 2.x and expand how the site was used for pre and post-departure employee training programs.

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The Case Study explores the challenges and process of upgrading and expanding Moodle use, even when resources are limited within the organization. The success of the site retheming, upgrade and expansion were manifold,

The main benefit for VSO has been to enable global training approaches. VSO now has a standard approach to volunteer training consisting of online self-briefing, the social online training course and a single face-to-face weekend. This approach provides a more consistent experience to volunteers regardless of their recruitment base. eModerators are finding that the training experience has been enriched (compared to UK only courses) due to a wider variety of perspectives coming through in forum discussions – VSO volunteers a unique opportunity to share with and learn from colleagues in different parts of the world.

Additionally it is estimated that VSO, has been able to reduce costs of their training programs by 30% through the implementation of more web-based training.

Read the full Case Study/White Paper at

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