Calculus II (Spring Semester) was published through and is available to guest and registered users at According to the site,

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The course is based on Calculus I and is an introduction to integration techniques, advanced applications of integration, and to the theory of series and, in particular, power series. The course corresponds to a typical Calculus II course at US universities. The course objectives and the grading are explained in the Syllabus.

The course features a host of resources for students, including a detailed schedule of events for the learner (class started 1/13). While credit is only given if you’ve completed the two midterm and/or final exams and the exams are only given through place-based proctoring in Finland, the course materials and structure are a great resource to check out and model your own course on. The courses include video, quizzes (19), lectures and handouts which all build upon each other. After spending a few minutes with the content it appeared to be a very well constructed course.

The course is offered through WEPS (World Education Portals) which hosts the Helsinki University’s open courses. Another Moodle based MOOC.

Check it out at First Quiz is Saturday!

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