CLAMP‘s (Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project) most recent Hack/Doc fest featured an interesting presentation on the Netspot and Monash University developed “Engagement Analytics” toolset for Moodle and how it can be used to identify at risk students and improve retention at schools using these types of schools. Bob Puffer, the speaker, provides some good information on other engagement tools (including Signals by Purdue University) and how they can be used as actionable items by faculty (or staff) or by sending a student a direct message for intervention. According to Mr. Puffer, the key is that the tool can change the weighting of each activity type so that each implementation can choose which activity types are most meaningful for measuring engagement. 

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Check out the full presentation (which also covers the Gradebook) embedded below. Or jump directly to the Engagement Analytics presentation at

For more info about the Engagement Analytics toolset visit

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