Adaptivity is a bit of a buzzword these days, but if you’re interested in adding some adaptivity to your course in a way to measure student proficiency through question difficulty the Adaptive Quiz mod might be a good way to start. Adaptive frameworks for learning generally utilize known information and analytics to serve up a personalized menu or sequence of options to students. In the case of the Adaptive Quiz mod it utilizes a student’s performance on a quiz to decide how difficult to make the next question. The full length of the quiz is determined by how fast the student achieves a consistent standard (though within a min and max number of questions).

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From the description (Adaptive Quiz),

The Adaptive Quiz activity enables a teacher to create tests that efficiently measure the takers’ abilities. Adaptive tests are comprised of questions selected from the question bank that are tagged with a score of their difficulty. The questions are chosen to match the estimated ability level of the current test-taker. If the test-taker succeeds on a question, a more challenging question is presented next. If the test-taker answers a question incorrectly, a less-challenging question is presented next. This technique will develop into a sequence of questions converging on the test-taker’s effective ability level. The test stops when the test-taker’s ability is determined to the required accuracy.

The mod is maintained by Adam Franco, used at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA and available for Moodle 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 at this time. More detailed information about the plugin is available on the Middlebury Github page:

Download it here:

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