This summer Clean will become the default theme for Moodle but it will ship with an additional theme from Moodle HQ: More Theme. More is being designed to provide additional customization options for users who want to brand their site simply without being theme designers (all of the options will be customizable from the admin interface).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Not a lot of information has been released on the theme in the forums, but you can dig into “More Theme” in the tracker. The goal for the theme is “being able to set the basics (background colour, text colour, link colour, logo) through the UI”.

More information at

From the Moodle Tracker entry for “More Theme”

Sadly the theme doesn’t appear to be available at on the Demo or QA site yet.

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  1. The theme is available on the QA site but you need admin access to be able to change it from the default Clean theme. It won’t be available on the demo site because that is always the latest standard version, which won’t have More. Well not yet -until it becomes 2.7 in May 🙂

  2. Thanks Mary, Admin access isn’t posted as an option for the QA site as far as I know (unless it’s admin/test…doh, it’s not). Any way for someone to see the customization options in action now?


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