Recently someone asked this question regarding the Youtube Anywhere for Moodle Addon: “Would you be able to add any access control or privacy for the video?”

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Justin’s written the following in response (unfortunately‘s comments do not support longer responses):

The video access control options we can use are those YouTube offers. At the moment the videos are set as “unlisted.” This means that they won’t show up in searches on YouTube, so you need to know the  YouTube ID to see the video. The other options available to us are “private” and “public.” Public, or course, means anyone can search for and see the video. Private allows the video owner to restrict access to up to 50 invitees. More information on that is available here.

I do think it would be a powerful feature if we could set the video as “private” and make sharing the video with the teacher automatic, or almost automatic. “Unlisted”, though effectively “private” won’t satisfy everyone.

Since only invited YouTube users can access private YouTube videos, this feature would probably only really be meaningful if using student authentication. If tagged as “private” the video will need to be shared with the teacher immediately after uploading, so we would need to store the teachers(possibly more than one teacher) YouTube id somewhere. Also, if private,  other students would not be able to see the video. Because the YouTube Anywhere plugin will be used all over Moodle, setting videos to private would therefore sometimes be meaningless, eg in a forum. So the choice of “public”, “unlisted” or “private” could not be made at the plugin settings level. It would need to be made at the time of uploading.  And decisions would need to be made at that time about who the share the video with.

So we could add the option to choose “unlisted”, “public” or “private,” on the dialog. But managing the sharing of that private video, requires a bit of thought and probably a fair bit of code. I think we should do it. But perhaps it is better to get version one out, and then come back on this.

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  1. I have been using Youtube for embedding recordings of student presentations for three years now. The newer option of “unlisted” is fantastic. Don’t see any reason to use ‘private’.


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