Wiris Math editor for Moodle provides an easy way to create and administer mathematic equations in quizzes or through the text editor generally.  Recently they’ve focused on improving accessibility and performance. Their recent announcements highlights the accessibility improvements which have been made and works based on the native language of the software it’s running in (so if you’re language is set to Spanish it will show, for the screen reader, the text in Spanish),

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

With this new feature, every formula is displayed as an image to the student and this image contain the accessible text as “alternative text”.


English and Spanish are the first two languages available, more are coming.

In regards to performance, WIRIS engineers have reviewed their code closely and now ascribe a 50% performance/speed boost due to their tweaks and improvements, “current users will notice that the latest version of WIRIS quizzes has improved its general performance by as much as 50%, and new users will simply enjoy a faster tool.”

If you’re interested in one of the leading math editors for Moodle check out WIRIS for Moodle.

Disclosure: WIRIS is Moodlenews’ longest standing supporter/sponsor for posting Moodle related content.  

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