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WIRIS EDITOR is now available for Arabic users. That means far more than Right to Left writing.

This was the title of an email from our friends and supporters at WIRIS. With access to the site I was able to see a quick demo of the new capabilities of the Arabic Language Math Editor and it’s as slick as ever. WIRIS will be opening the doors to the new product today at http://www.wiris.com/en/solutions/arabic.  If you’re on an Arabic language Moodle or a multilingual Moodle this is a great way to integrate more tools to further education in your students. All of the familiar WIRIS editor features are still available in right to left including exponents, sets/matrices, limits, square roots and more.  Added functionality for Arabic includes Ligatures, “Arabic characters, when written together, that are typografically joined”.

Read more at http://www.wiris.com/en/solutions/arabic


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