Webinar Recording of @LambdaSolutions “Moodle 2.5: Badges, Bootstrap and Better Usability”


This is a webinar recording of an event Lambda Solutions put on. The video is just shy of 40 minutes and is an excellent quality. The webinar’s focus was showcasing Moodle 2.5’s new features like Badges, Bootstrap Theme and an improved UX.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Participants from BCCampus and Lambda help to highlight the features. It’s well worth the watch if you have not yet dived into Moodle 2.5 or seen on of Martin Dougiamas’s presentations lately. You can read more about the Lambda Solutions webinar series, “half hour how to Moodle” here: http://www.lambdasolutions.net/content/free-webinar-moodle-25-here.

Enjoy. Direct video link: http://vimeo.com/67366172

Moodle 2.5: Badges, Bootstrap and Better Usability from Lambda Solutions on Vimeo.


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