Webinar: How To Effectively Use Video In Online Learning with @LambdaSolutions


Lambda Solutions has scheduled their next webinar event which will focus on the effective use of video in online learning, specifically via Moodle. The event will take place online on Wednesday, November 13th at 1pm EST and is free to attend. Register here: http://info.lambdasolutions.net/moodle-video-registration.html

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According to the site,

The use of video isn’t a new trend in education and training, but it is a growing one.  Whether you’re in an education or corporate learning environment, video is often a key component of online learning, and also augments in-classroom conversations.

Video increases engagement and has driven flipped classroom models and self-paced learning environments.  How video is used can make a big difference in learning outcomes, but it also has unique challenges: the large file sizes, difficulties in hosting, and ensuring availability across a variety of device types.  If video is the future of online learning, how do you get there?

This free webinar on November 13th will cover:

  • Why use video in online learning?
  • What problems does video solve – and what problems does it create?
  • What considerations do you need around security, search, and performance when using video in your online training?
  • How do you take video from your computer and put it into your course?
  • Can your learners contribute video?
  • Moodle / Totara plugins that allow video to be directly uploaded and used without leaving your learning site



For more Moodle events visit: http://moodlenews.com/events

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