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OER-LogoThe above video was created by Adrian Stagg of the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) elearning team and were shared with a CC-BY license. I had trouble with streaming from the original content delivery network so have uploaded my favorite of the two–What are Creative Commons Licenses and OERs?–to a US based CDN hosted by Amazon, watch that copy above.

From the post describing the resources,

Part of my role at USQ is to run Professional Development in the areas of Creative Commons and Open Educational Practice, and I’m in the process of building some online resources to act as reference materials.  I have managed to get permission to licence these CC-BY from our University Lawyer (it would be less than amusing if they weren’t licenced this way given the content).  If anyone else can use them, please do.
One note though: the second video deals with attribution.  I built this from the Creative Commons Australia Good Practice document, and readily recognize that there isn’t ‘one true way’ to attribute.  This video was a response to a request for consistency in the way we approach attribution at USQ – so there is an institutional context to the approach.
The links are:
What are Creative Commons Licences and Open Educational Resources?
How do I attribute works with  Creative Commons Licence?

While this isn’t a post about Moodle, I think it impacts Moodle usage and the ease of use for new teachers. OER and CC licensed content are a great way to have teachers start remixing Moodle courses for their own classroom use as they learn Moodle. Understanding OER and CC licenses is an important part of building free and open courses and to understanding what it means when you share your resources, courses, media, etc.

Looking to get some OER based Moodle courses? Check out Moodle.net.

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