20130320053015-post-thumb-youtubeThere are 19 days left to the Youtube Anywhere Plugin fundraising that is currently running on Indiegogo and we’re nearly 50% funded: THANK YOU to all of the contributors! Justin Hunt, who is working to develop the addon gave me an update this week and we should have a beta out to funders shortly (ahead of schedule!). Additionally we’ll be sure to post a video that highlights the feature so you can see it in action.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Fundraising over $1000 for development is no small feat, but I have been floored by the response from the community and our first 9 funders who’ve contributed any amount between $20 and $250 dollars. It’s great to see things coming together and I am eager to see  this project to the end.

Do you support open source development and have a few bucks to spare? Help us prove a new funding model for Moodle development and see what we can do togetherhttp://igg.me/at/youtube-anywhere-for-moodle/x/2416461

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