totaraTotara, a business and training oriented distribution of Moodle has released it’s 2.5 version this past week. 2.5 introduces Performance Management, a workforce evaluation, training and detailed reporting functionality for the workplace. According to the press release,

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The release of 2.5 marks a significant step forward in the growth of Totara LMS, with the introduction of Performance Management.

Totara chief executive Richard Wyles said, “We have seen a great demand for Performance Management functionality from our clients and through feedback from our partner network. Organisations want these capabilities, but they also want the flexibility to use it in a way that fits their specific requirements and business objectives. We took the same approach as we did when we first developed Totara LMS, to provide a tool that’s easy to use, customisable and requires minimal additional training.”

Performance Management has been designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing each organisation to customise in the way that best meets their own needs. TotaraLMS provides functionality in four key areas; goal setting, appraisal forms, 360° feedback forms and detailed reporting. All of this comes as standard with Totara 2.5.

In addition to these changes 2.5 provides enhancements and updates,

  • Certificates with time-sensitive durations
  • Report building (PDF exports)
  • Course completion import tool
  • New responsive theme

and more. For the full press release please visit

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