If you’re interested in some ways to visualize student engagement in the Moodle classroom, the Social Networks Adapting Pedagogical Practice (SNAPP) tool is something worth looking at.  SNAPP is a bookmarklet available from http://www.snappvis.org/ which allows you to visualize the connections made in any Moodle discussion forum.  It’s very easy to use, there’s nothing to install to your server and the outcome is pretty slick.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

See this example at a The example below is of this Moodle.org forum which had a lost of posts and participants: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=171235

The tool has several key parts:

  • timeline of the posts and number of posts 
  • chart of all users, their posts and how other users have replied to those posts
  • statistics (number of posts, etc.)


Get started with the download here: http://www.snappvis.org/?page_id=6. To get it to work I did need to give permission for the script to run in my browser and then click again to give permission for Java to run.

Here’s a quick video created back in 2010 that shows the original SNAPP in action. Direct video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTO_YDdHxRs

Another visualization option:


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  1. no no, the discussion post that I included is the post that I used SNAPP to look at (I was looking for a forum with lots of posts and users). Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  2. Hi,

    I’m using Moodle 2.2.2 and SNAPP does not work. I follow the steps and click on the link, but nothing happens. Is SNAPP compatible with Moodle 2.2.2?
    Thanks for the help.

  3. Hi, SNAPP does indeed work as demonstrated in the post (those are pictures from my playing with the tool. I think it just needs a bit more research to discover which versions are not supported or which browsers might not be working correctly. I can attest though that I was able to get SNAPP working at Moodle.org which is where the screen shots come from.

  4. I also am having trouble using it at Moodle.org this morning in the forums to check and QA the script. I’m not sure the change (Moodle or Java?) but it does not appear to be functioning at this time.

    I tried both V1.5 and V2beta on Chrome, it initiates but then the graph produced and data is all blank.

  5. Hi!

    I’m a PhD student in the eLearing field. To my research I would like to use SNAPP. I’ve tried it, it runs, but it does not recognize any forum entries. Is SNAPP compatible with Moodle 2.5?! If not, is there going to be a newer version that is compatible? Is there other tool that can do what SNAPP does and is compatible with Moodle 2.5?

    Thanks for the help.

  6. I’ve seen a new version released, but I was not able to get it working for versions of Moodle (including 2.5 as tried on Moodle.org). I would inquire directly to the developers…though I’m having trouble locating any contact information on the http://www.snappvis.org/ site

  7. Hi,
    The new release of SNAPP is compatible with latest versions of Moodle. If using IE or Firefox there are some browser security settings that need to be changed to allow SNAPP to initiate.
    A quick trouble shooting document has been uploaded to:

  8. Hi Shane, I followed the instructions that you say: http://www.snappvis.org/?page_id=20.
    But the error message is this “SNAPP is either unable to determine the LMS you are using or you are trying to analyse a page that does not contain a forum. SNAPP works with WebCT Vista, WebCT CE, Blackboard (versions 7, 8 and 9) and Moodle.”
    Snapp doesn’t work 🙁

  9. Kary, I was able to get it working on Moodle.org this morning using the tutorial that Shane provided. Do you have a link to the LMS that you’re using and some info about your browser? I used only Firefox as I hadn’t had much luck with chrome.

  10. Ines, you have to be drilled deeper into the forum (can’t be at the top level of a general discussion with many threads) rather this works to evaluate a single thread.

    Hope that helps,


  11. Hi there,

    After developing some workarounds to get SNAPP working with https Moodle, I’m able to run the applet, however the export features do not seem to be working.

    Has anyone else had trouble exporting to the various file formats?


  12. Hi Joe!

    I have done what you said, and sellected only one of the entries on the forum. It should detect the 13! Still the result was 0 participants 0 posts.
    Here is a print screen of that try: http://snag.gy/nBv34.jpg
    I’ve even tried in different computers, with different browsers, the result is the same.

    I really would like for this to work!

  13. Hi all,
    I used SNAPP a year ago and it worked without any problems. Today I tried to use it again and it would not work properly. Managed to adjust firefox settings (thanks to trouble shooting document:
    http://www.snappvis.org/?page_id=20) and after that managed to run SNAPP1.5. A part of the tool works, it did provide the stats, but not the graph. Not sure what is wrong. Same in IE.

  14. Hi all,
    the same problem me too 🙁
    I tried with Safari and Firefox (I adjusted F setting before) but it appears a window that say me there is a security block (Java)

    Snapp 1.5 works on an old operating system, but it does not show the graph…

  15. I have been able to get SNAPP to work finally on Mac and with Firefox and latest version of Java.
    Follow the troubleshooting doc from Shane.
    Additionally do the following for the Java Control Panel exception list:
    (1) Add http://www.snappvis.org
    (2) Add the URL of your moodle site


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