Sweet Feature: Completion Tracking of Forums


I’ve been playing a lot with completion tracking lately and am pretty excited at all of the actionable items that can be tracked in a course for each student.  While webpages and LTI resources offer limited tracking, the Quiz and Forums do a lot more.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Here’s a closer look at the forum’s completion tracking options which are pretty cool:

completion - forum


  • Completion tracking options include: “…when conditions are met”, students can mark completion or “do not indicate activity completion” for those assignments/resources you don’t want to track.  To make all of the completion options available and automatic you’ll want to utilize “…when conditions are met”
  • Require view: just that, the student must click the link to mark the activity complete
  • Require grade: students will need a grade or a pass/fail for the assignment
  • Require posts: students must post (and you can choose to require X posts)
  • Require discussions: students must start a new thread (you can also choose a quantity)
  • Require replies: students must reply (again, you can choose quantity)

With any one, or a combination of requirements you can encourage and facilitate a lively discussion in your Moodle course. For example you might require that a student start their own thread, and reply to at least three other students’ comments.  Once a student had met that criteria you could (if setup properly) verify completion simply by using the completion block.

For more information about Activity Completion in Moodle visit: http://docs.moodle.org/24/en/activity/completion

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