SNAPP discussion mapping tool back and working for Moodle


SNAPP, the Social Networks Adapting Pedagogical Practice browser plugin for Moodle, Desire2Learn and Blackboard has been re-released to fix the issues present in the previous version.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

As covered before, this is a cool data visualization and extraction tool for LMS forums to help you get a sense of who’s talking to who and how often. I was able to analyze this page at and get the downloadable data and visualization. A couple of tips on getting it to work properly:

  • Ensure you have updated Java
  • I was successful consistently with Firefox
  • Follow the helpful tips and troubleshooting guide from Snapp (available here: to be sure your browser will allow the plugin to run
  • You must be drilled down into a discussion for it to work.

For more on SNAPP visit You can learn more about it in our previous coverage (including a tutorial video). Below is the tool working on a forum thread at

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  1. not sure this is a good bet. development seems to have stopped in 2010. final presentation is from july 2011.


  2. Actually I think that it’s still being developed. I have seen some updates to both the site and the ability to use it with newer Moodle versions in the last few months. I did try it out this morning (which is what is highlighted in the video).

    The dates on the Snappvis site I think are a bit deceiving.



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