Save time by setting system default settings for your favorite activities


One of the greatest time savers in Moodle course creation (especially if that’s a daily chore for your Moodle) is to properly set your module and course defaults to the most commonly used settings.  I can’t quantify the amount of time that this has saved me in both the configuration of courses (and in saved QA for check boxes and drop downs I might have misconfigured that are identified only later).

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There are two major areas that you can set for defaults (one of which will include all of your available activities):

  1. Course defaults (preset length, format, availability, completion, etc. all from one handy screen):
  2. Activity defaults such as  the Quiz (preset feedback, timer, shuffling of questions, other settings):

If you’ve ever wondered “why do I need to change the configuration for ______ everytime I create one?” it’s because you haven’t configured this.




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