Re-writing Moodle’s Global Search


global searchIf you’ve used Moodle’s Admin Search (the search box available on the Admin Settings block) you will have noticed two things: 1. it’s an invaluable resource for finding where some settings are buried in the administrative menus of Moodle and 2. it only shows you information buried in the administrative menus.  There is a forum search block that can be added to individual courses as well, but the two are not connected.

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Prateek Sachan is planning to write a Moodle Global Search capability to enhance the way we work with Moodle by expanding the index of the search through all courses, to all areas of Moodle all dependent on what roles and access rights the user has for returning results. Comments are currently welcome as Prateek gears up for the development:

There is a pretty solid “Requirements and Assumptions” document already created at that covers some of the planned features. Read more at

Will you find it useful? What features do you hope it has?



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  1. This is a feature that has been badly needed for a long long time. The lack of a fully integrated and working site search has been so frustrating. I look forward to what Prateek can produce here.


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