Paypal Enrollment Plugin for Moodle Now Supports all Currencies


paypalMoodle 2.5 brought a ton of great new features and enhancements to the Moodle community, among the long list of improvements is the expansion of supported currencies of the Paypal Enrollment Plugin. As of Moodle 2.5 all Paypal currencies are now supported.

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The Paypal enrollment plugin is the easiest way to collect an enrollment fee via credit card from students who want to enroll in one of your courses. Whether the course is a day, weeks or months long the enrollment plugin will give them quick access and depending on your configuration can even limit the number of days that they stay enrolled. Hook it up to your Paypal account with only 1 entry field once the plugin is enabled.

To learn more about Paypal supported currencies visit:

To check out the Paypal plugin for Moodle 2.5:

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