optivoteOptivote, which was covered last on Moodlenews when they were giving away some free services to a pilot school in the UK has released Optivote Connect for use with Moodle 2.x activities (including quiz, questionnaires and surveys).  Their technology provides a very low cost system that allows students to use handsets (tablets, phones, etc.) or computers to complete Moodle activities in real time with instant feedback to the teacher. Read their press release below for additional information:

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Release of Optivote Connect.

A software only solution designed to combine the following

  • Moodle 2.x quizzes, questionnaires and surveys
  • Mobile phones, iPads, tablet PCs and other web enabled hand held devices
  • Classroom-based instant feedback and formative assessment

The solution, Optivote Connect, provides for group deployment of Moodle quizzes, questionnaires and surveys via your Moodle site without the expense of computers or voting handsets. The teacher displays the Moodle quiz question on the classroom screen and students respond using their personal web enabled handheld devices. The teacher controls the entire quiz from their PC or tablet. All the administration of the quiz questions, course participants, groups and saving of results resides in your Moodle site. The cost saving to the college is enormous as the input devices are the property of the individual students. No investment in PCs, laptops or voting handsets necessary.

An introductory video can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/d6pqtqz

Optivote have been creating voting solutions for over ten years historically with their proprietary handsets and accompanying software. Increasingly FE Colleges in the UK have demanded products that are compatible with their Moodle platforms. Optivote developed OptivoteForMoodle as a software interface between Moodle activities and Optivote’s own voting handsets.
With the proliferation of increasingly advanced student owned devices is was a natural development to create Optivote Connect to utilize the capabilities of those smart devices.

For further information please contact Jeff Eke, Director at Voting Systems Ltd t/a Optivote ([email protected]www.optivoteformoodle.co.uk).

Here’s an older but still applicable video on Youtube of Optivote in action with Moodle 1.9 [direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVJ8-Bvlots].

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