New Crowdfunding Project: Moodle for Business


Michael Finney (one of the individuals behind InsightLMS) and Joseph Conradt have pitched a new crowdfunding opportunity at which can be found in the Crowdfunding project list. The project is “A Moodle for Business”, these are the aims:

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While Moodle is an incredible LMS in itself, out-of-box it is designed more for the academic world. We would like to build a custom version of Moodle specifically for the business and corporate sector. We have started this project with our Insight LMS. Adding additional features to it, based on the feedback of the Moodle community, we would like to create an open source Moodle for Business install. All of the core Moodle components would remain, but added features, so that the business version could be run immediately after install. Taking this route would allow the system to maintain the regular upgrades and security patches with Moodle, but allow for a more streamlined delivery system for the corporate and business sectors. The project would be run and maintained on and releases would be available to the community. In addition, those that would like to contribute, would be able to do so through the Moodle community.

We would use the funding to complete Insight LMS and release it as open source on the Moodle community.

The project has a year long deadline at the moment and an Indiegogo page to help raise funds (the Indiegogo funding deadline is the end of October). The project is seeking $10,000. According to the project pages the feature list for a Moodle for Business would include the current feature set of Insight ( and others based on community support and interest.insight

Insight LMS is one of the newer non-partner hosting companies which we’ve seen in the last 6 months or so, you can read more about them here.


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