move2mooI want to give a shout-out to Glen and Sam over at Move2Moo for helping our team at StraighterLine have such a smooth transition from Blackboard Learn 9.1 over to Moodle 2.2 (now Moodle 2.3); all courses are now live on Moodle.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The Move2Moo team specializes in course conversion from Blackboard 8, Blackboard Learn 9.1, Blackboard Vista 8, Blackboard CE and potentially Angel LMS and are always on the lookout to add new conversion types to their service portfolio.

Glen and team helped us convert over 60 courses from Blackboard to Moodle, including 10s of 1000s of test bank items (various question types, with and without images). As a fairly young Canadian company they’ve worked with several large institutions (much larger than hours) and have worked with clients from around the globe (US, Canada, UK, Eastern Europe and Japan).

Aside from conversion services they also now offer LMS data retention service, custom development, SIS integration assistance, Project Management, and Moodle training. If you’re making a jump to Moodle Move2Moo might be a great team member to support you through the transition.

In need of a conversion partner?


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