#Moodlewish: How about a Recycle Bin?


I’ve been playing with a lot of other LMSes lately to see what’s what and who is doing new and innovative things. One of the coolest features I didn’t see also offered in Moodle was the ability to undo deletions via a “Recycle Bin”.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Editing and deleting is a common everyday thing, but it stinks to delete something by mistake and then not have an easy way to get it back (unless perhaps you’ve gotten a recent course backup surely…but should that be the only way?).

The LMS is Schoology, which has made good headway into the k-12 space and has some very nice aesthetics and tools for teachers to use. Playing around editing a course I discovered that you could undo deletion (even a few steps back) making it easy to revert deletion and get back what you might have erroneously removed. Pretty slick don’t you agree?