I’ve been playing with a lot of other LMSes lately to see what’s what and who is doing new and innovative things. One of the coolest features I didn’t see also offered in Moodle was the ability to undo deletions via a “Recycle Bin”.

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Editing and deleting is a common everyday thing, but it stinks to delete something by mistake and then not have an easy way to get it back (unless perhaps you’ve gotten a recent course backup surely…but should that be the only way?).

The LMS is Schoology, which has made good headway into the k-12 space and has some very nice aesthetics and tools for teachers to use. Playing around editing a course I discovered that you could undo deletion (even a few steps back) making it easy to revert deletion and get back what you might have erroneously removed. Pretty slick don’t you agree?


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  1. Off the top of my head as things can already be ‘hidden’ via the ‘eye’ etc. Then why not add a ‘inbin’ attribute so that the FileAPI (http://docs.moodle.org/dev/File_API) etc. does not actually perform the delete until you empty the bin.

    The items are still listed there in the place they were
    removed from, just not actually removed until the user or and administrator chooses to remove something. Perhaps leave ‘full delete’ still there for admins.


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