booksHere’s a novel (pun intended) Moodle addon that allows you to use a database of book related quiz questions and settings to set goals for students to read and track the pages that they have read.

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The Reader module for Moodle 2.x tracks the students’ reading achievements by maintaining a total of the number words each student reads. After reading one of the books at an appropriate reading level, a student takes quiz to demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the content of the book. If they pass the quiz, the number of words in the book is added to the total number of words they have read. Students are encouraged to work toward the reading goal, which is the number of words the teacher expects them to read in a term. Various reports are available to the teacher who can adjust the reading goals, student levels, and book difficulty if required.

Thomas Robb, the administrator of Moodle Reader ( has created several helpful videos to help you setup the Moodle Reader. Here’s how to set your student level and goal [direct video link:]

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