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Interested in learning how to theme and customize your Moodle for a more pleasing aesthetic in your online courses? Lambda Solutions is hosting a webinar on 4/25 that will start exploring the ins and outs of changing the look and feel of your Moodle site.

The webinar is free and takes place at 1pm EST 4/25 via Adobe Connect. Register here to attend:

Webinar Registration – Moodle Theming and Customization

What: Moodle how to webinar.  Short, topical webinars on Moodle features, facilitated by Ben Young and Chad Leaman of Lambda Solutions, a certified Moodle Partner.
When: Thursday, April 25, 2013, at 1pm EST
How: Session delivered via Abode Connect, details provided upon registration.
Topic: Moodle provides educators and trainers with a robust toolbox of educational tools. Moodle offers various options to tailor the design to the organization, the learner and learning devices. There are a variety of prebuilt themes that can be modified to customize the look and feel of Moodle on desktop and mobile devices to conform to the style and esthetic of your brand. You can modify the course listing on the front page, and personalize settings to change the user experience.  Learn how to adapt the look and functionality of Moodle to meet your needs in this month’s “half hour how to Moodle” webinar.
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