Moodle Mobile Beta is available from Moodle HQ #HTML5


The newest entry to Mobile enabled Moodle tools is Moodle Mobile Beta which was created by Juan Leyva, Barbara Ramiro, Jerome Mouneyrac and Martin Dougiamas.  The app is available for use with Android, iOS and others (Windows 7, WebOS and Symbian, those these versions are not tested or official supported by Moodle HQ).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

According to the beta release the app:

does not try to replicate everything that Moodle does – we are focussed on providing features that are most useful on a standalone app, such as offline access to content, messaging and notifications…

This app has been designed to be used and tweaked by users such as universities, schools, and companies. We hope to build a development community around the Moodle Mobile app to help it develop faster.  We expect the structure to be fully stable by July, and we’ll make an announcement at that time, so that developers can create derivative projects with a lower risk of refactors in the standard version.

Read more about the app release, get access to the various versions and view the development roadmap at:

Check out the screenshots from the Android version below.  For more Mobile Moodle visit


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