Collaborative elearning blog “e-Literate” did a nice round up and thought provoking post on the status of LMS adoption in the online education marketplace. Their post was focused on what seems to be a slow down in market share growth for Moodle (though I do not believe market share is declining) and what hasn’t been very publicly acknowledged: more and more service providers are using Moodle as a platform and growing the overall number of students on Moodle.

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What is a “service provider”?

Online service providers are organizations…that help non-profit schools develop online programs. These providers, also known as online enablers, online program management  or school-as-a-service, provide various services for which non-profits institutions typically do not have the experience or culture to support. Some examples of the services include marketing & recruitment, enrollment management, curriculum development, online course design, student retention support, technology hosting, and student and faculty support.

You may know some of the providers, 2U (2tor), Colloquy, Learning House, and Academic Partnerships which work with name brand institutions in the US. Not all use Moodle, but many have adopted it and enhanced it to various degrees in order to help their partners create and launch online course programs. Out of the 15 or so companies/organizations listed in the review, nearly 1/2 were Moodle users.

Great read if you’re interested in online education and the relationships between service providers and the institutions which use the services to launch their courses and programs:

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