{36b2e9b4-04c1-44cc-917a-5dbae730a3c4}_headerThere’s a little overlap of the Blackboard and Moodle World now that Bb has a stake in the Open Source LMS. Looking at all session archives there’s not a huge Moodle contingent (though I expect that will grow in the future). There were four sessions (of the many presentations and keynotes from this years’ Blackboard World) that were applicable to Moodle users, you can check it out each description here: http://sponsorships.blackboard.com/2013/vtSessionSearch.asp (select “Moodle” in the product drop down and click search).

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Sessions include,

  1. How to get the most out of Blackboard Support: Leveraging self-help resources
  2. Immersive Learning Environments to Foster Speaking Skills in EFL
  3. Supporting Disparate Learner Needs: LTI to the Rescue!
  4. The Ins and Outs of Designing an Exemplary Course

“Supporting Disparate Learner Needs: LTI to the Rescue!” was recorded though and is available for viewing if you’re interested in checking out LTI from a LMS agnostic standpoint. Simon Booth and Stephen Vickers were the presenters, the description is as follows,

Supporting the disparate needs of teachers and learners is a huge challenge for eLearning support teams. Limited resources can lead to only the easiest, most common needs being satisfied, leaving innovative learning experiences at the mercy of dedicated teachers and ad-hoc support arrangements. Integrating learning applications using the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specification can dramatically reduce the support overheads, thereby making it feasible to support new, innovative, lower usage solutions. This presentation will demonstrate how simple using LTI can be from within an LMS like Blackboard Learn Release 9 and the many benefits it can provide to support staff, teachers and learners.


Additionally available are keynotes by Sugata Mitra, Jay Bhatt (CEO of BB), and Clay Shirky: http://www.blackboard.com/BbWorld/recorded-sessions.aspx



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