LearnMoodle has ended, but the learning continues!


The LearnMoodle MOOC‘s wrapped up but the course materials will still be open. If you’re interested still in the resources at learn.moodle.net the resources are read only from here on out (until 1/1/14). Mary Cooch has also built out a list of Moodle Book resources that you can export to your own Moodle to use the resources in perpetuity.

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For the first official Moodle MOOC, I think the stats really say something valuable

  • Over the course of the MOOC nearly 9500 users were enrolled.
  • Over 2600 participated in some way
  • The highest login numbers in a day (during the last week) was over 1100
  • Around 600 Moodlers completed the entire program (about on par with the completion rates of other MOOCs)

One major success for the MOOC is Moodle’s demonstration as a large-scale hosting environment for the delivery of MOOCs to a broad audience. As a platform Moodle succeeds in providing a basis for delivering any type of massive online open courses (or closed courses, or private online, etc.). While you might need to bolster your infrastructure, it’s definitely possible to deliver a course to 10,000 students (or more!). Do you plan to run your own MOOC using Moodle?

Direct link for the course wrap up webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqZUeQbMXMw