There are always some interesting jobs posted to the Job board, this “Moodle Geek Wanted” ad struck me most recently. The posting is seeking a Moodle expert from abroad to setup, manage and implement a new infrastructure for an existing Moodle site(s). They’re seeking cloud based hosting and ease of use for existing clients who have specific needs.

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The “You” part was most interesting,

Your Specs:

If you are a one-man shop, and can really do the job, we don’t care. If you are a student, and can do the job, cool. If you are moonlighting but can dedicate the hours and can do the job, we can talk.

We live and breathe on the internet, and our work philosophy is ROWE (Results Only Work Environment). We are in many time zones, work odd hours, so, we do need some overlap, but certainly, just do an awesome job.

Prove to us you can do it in any way you choose. Video teleconf is good. You will need to sign an NDA prior. Protecting our clients and their data is paramount.

Total technical English fluency is a must. With all respect to everyone, we have had some issues with non-fluent English, and some subtleties that were being mistranslated and therefore, misunderstood.

Ideas: We don’t want to just give you specs and you do ‘em. Think, please. Comment. “This is stupid.” “It’d be better if we…” Contribute. We have incredible talent and looking for a contributing member to help us out.

For the right person this sounds like a great role. Read more and apply at

View all of the jobs at



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