Have to assess hundreds of students through short answer/essay? Here are some considerations


This question was recently asked at Moodle.org and there were some great responses to get the conversation started (https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=220059):

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[what is] the best way to run an online short answer quiz for 500+ first year humanities/arts students in a way that minimizes collusion and plagiarism?

A few considerations from the replies:

  1. route submissions through Plagiarism detection to thwart collusion/plagiarism
  2. create several exam “forms” which are administered to several smaller sections
  3. allow the exam to run as a take home (un-timed) examination to encourage thorough answers
  4. if the exam is quantitative (multiple choice, etc.) create large pools and randomize question selection
  5. don’t attempt to run the 500 exams at once (staggered start will help to minimize server issues)
  6. if the exam is high stakes (i.e. a final exam) you might also consider proctoring

What do you think, are you administering large examinations at your high school, university or college that would require these considerations?

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