Post correction: originally the post was highlighting the Evernote Repository by Frederic Massart but posing it as the Evernote Portfolio by Vishal Raheja, this is incorrect, they are entirely different projects (though connected through the mentor/mentee relationship of Frederic and Vishal. Apologies for the mix up.

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Quick update on one of the projects from the 2013 Google Summer of Code for Moodle, Evernote Repository has been released as 1.1.0 by Frederic Massart, one of the Mentors for Vishal Raheja who is working on an Evernote Portfolio plugin through this year’s Google Summer of Code. The Repository allows users to pull down information from their Evernote accounts while the Evernote Portfolio will allow exporting to Evernote,

The repository allows you to browse your notes and download the files they contain. Access your notes via your notebooks, tags and saved searchs. You can also use the powerful search provided by Evernote.

Evernote is a free (there is also a premium version) repository for documents, links, pictures and web snippets which has various browser extensions and apps for mobile phones. It’s an incredibly easy way to save information for later and to create a personal or public repository of digital information.

Moodle docs:

Download the plugin:


For more information on the other GSOC projects for 2013 check out

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  1. Thanks a lot for the news, however there is a slight misunderstanding here.

    The repository plugin is a project of my own, and I am mentoring Vishal Raheja on the portfolio for Evernote, which allows to send out content from Moodle to your Evernote account.

    I am grateful about the news, but I think that Vishal deserves all the credit for the job he has done here. The portfolio plugin will be very soon uploaded on the plugin database, though, in the meantime, it can be downloaded here:

    (The link to the dev doc page is the right one, pointing to the portfolio plugin)

  2. Ah, apologies for the mix up. It looked as if the project was pretty much the same functionality. I will redact the post.

  3. […] Bureaucracy never really stayed on Massart’s good side. It explains why the open vibe at Moodle HQ felt so appealing. Recruited in 2013 through a talent company, he recalls a swirl of contrasting experiences with his “more properly” educated colleagues. With under 20 employees at the time (today’s reported figure is 126), Moodle was the largest company he’d been with. He even had an opportunity to give back in terms of young encouragement, by being a mentor to student projects in Google Summer of Code. […]


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