Gone Moodle: BOLO at Georgia State University a MOOC for Biology


If you’re interested in Biology you might check out the BOLO (Biology Online Learning Opportunities) site over at http://www.bologsu.us/BOLO/. This good looking site hosts several courses for Dr. Robert Maxwell, a professor at Georgia State University who is hosting is Biology courses (3) on the site for his existing students. As a benefit, according to the site,

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Everyone is welcome to join as a learner.  Only GSU students earn institutional credit, and there are some assignments that are GSU only.

Non-GSU learners are welcome participate in open content, and can achieve the “Apprentice Biology” badge for content completion.

Awesome. Kudos to Dr Maxwell for engaging a broader audience in learning.


Originally found at Moodle.net: http://moodle.net/index.php?courseid=1332&rss=1


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