As I am certain many of you also do: I dream of Moodle features and themes and ways that will make learning awesome. Imagine if Moodle could look this way, or an assignment could leverage this API, or students would have this experience… Unfortunately there are a few obstacles to making every development project happen:

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  1. All Moodlers are not developers
  2. Developers can’t always work for free
  3. A single user doesn’t always have the funds required to pay for development

The good news is that crowdfunding development for Moodle is well within our reach today.  There are sites like which allow anyone to setup a crowdfunding campaign, and even better there is nascent software which will let anyone create their own crowdfunding platform and dodge 3rd party fees.

So what’s stopping us: nothing.

Today I want to give it a go with your help. I want to replicate the Youtube Everywhere plugin for Blackboard on Moodle and have enlisted Justin Hunt (developer of Poodll) to spec out the project and do the development. If successfully funded this will be contributed as open source code to and could really make a huge difference for users looking to integrate video easily into Moodle (without opening another program for video recording and editing).

Imagine if this model proves successful it could help speed up development of plugins and code contributions to and democratize the development of new features based our user’s wants and needs. I’m excited at the possibilities. If you’re interested and excited as well, consider a contribution to the project and help connect a capable developer with the support to bring a new project to life.

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