Crot Plagiarism tool for Moodle was just updated for Moodle 2.5 with help from community funders and their organizer, Daniel Lombardo. This was the 2nd crowdfunded project worthy of the’s Project List.

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The plugin is free and “is aimed at digital plagiarism detection: it uncovers assignments copied from peers at the same institution.”

A simple and essential solution if you have a lot of writing going on in similar course sections taught by different facilitators (or in general to take the guess work out of academic honesty issues). Tools like Turnitin come with a price tag while this might help to provide quick and easy way to establish a foundation of plagiarism prevention and detection.

Download the plugin at

For more information about the community funding of this project visit

If you’re interested in trying out the tool you can try:

username: teacher1
password: Teacher2013!

username: student1 or student2
password: Student2013!


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  1. Sentence comparison is pretty standard fare for plagiarism detection services, let us know if DupliChecker comes out with a Moodle addon.


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