Here’s a Prezi based presentation by Emily Button which shows her process in planning and creating a great looking, fully functional and intuitive course that students will love. I especially like the use of checklists and auto-linked words to help students see context and know what to do next.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Direct presentation link:–oappai/making-my-moodle/

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  1. This is a great presentation and would really like to know how Emily did the check boxes for the tasks – was this some HTML she added in or a very clever use of the Checklist feature or something entirely different?


  2. it is awesome, I did read in the presentation that the info doesn’t save between student sessions (a huge bummer) so my guess is that she’s just using HTML to create the checklists. Now…if they could save that would be a great feature. You can get some of this from the Completion tracking by creating each as a label that students can check themselves.

  3. Thanks Joseph – I wondered if that was it.

    I wish there could be more work done on tracking work students do in Moodle. Imagine the Task Checklist with a bit more bite!


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