Valery Fremaux is seeking to adapt the Courseshop addon for Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.x with help from the community. In short,

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This block provides a complete courseshop embedded within Moodle, integrating many payment methods, product line management and billing back office.

It is intended to professional training organisations willing a consistent and cohesive integration of merchantability of training actions and learning content.

The plugin will extend Moodle’s capability to manage courses, sell subscriptions, register users, manage users and access, create and maintain catalogs of products, create bundles, and much more. Aside from Paypal the system also will be compatible with several non-US merchant/payment gateways like Mercanet and SystemPay. The migration and upgrade to Moodle 2.x will accomplish all the baseline capabilities purportedly available for the 1.9 version and more (click here to read up

The project is seeking community funding to bring it to fruition and has raised 10% of it’s $6000 goal. Check out the official entry at

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy of the block consider donating. To see the code in action you can check out: (image below)


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  1. This is – almost – just what I’m looking for. I think this project would be more widely attractive and more likely to get funded if the project goals included compatibility with at least one, major US (non-Paypal) payment gateway. I will try to contact the developers to get their response. If anyone else out there feels the same – please don’t be shy to speak up!


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