As you know I have a lot of interest in Moodle and the improvement of the code. My students at Straighterline use it every day to earn college credit and I blog in the mornings before work to highlight what cool stuff I find happening related to Moodle from across the web. Basically, I’m a Moodle-fanboy. Heck, I am even considering a Moodle Orange motorcycle…There’s no denying it, I wear it like a badge of honor (just as my profile at wears the PHM badge).

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I’m no developer. But that doesn’t mean I am not interested in the development of Moodle. This paradox led me to turn what was just a “Moodlewish” into an actual project: Youtube Anywhere addon for Moodle which was released to the community last month. Since, I’ve presented at the iMoot on what I thought might be the next steps of Moodle community funding (aka crowdfunding), I’ve built a proof of concept site ( that can easily facilitate project campaigns and I’ve written out what I think are a solid framework for the policies and vision of such a site.

The first and most important policy: absolute transparency. I’m sharing the Mission and Operating Principles for MoodleGarage, a business plan of sorts that helps to shed light on how I plan to administrate and manage the site. I’ve also published a first draft FAQs on the site for all to read.

At this time I have listed only one project by Gareth Barnard who’s been a great resource in helping me think things through. It’s further development of the Collapsed Topics course format and is seeking our $140. This site is a further exploration of what we can do as a community that bands together. If  you’re a Moodler looking for development I hope that this site can help facilitate the fantastic functionality you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re an individual developer and you have a project, I hope we can help make Moodle development a little more lucrative.

Any project can be submitted for review and I hope to make project selection as democratic as possible using the tools I have:

Interested in helping? I’m looking for other volunteers interested in vetting projects and campaigns before they go live. Contact me if you’re interested.

*Not the actual Motocycle
*Not the actual Motocycle


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