Changing Moodle Resource Names for Better Clarity


The Sussex ELearning Team has made a simple modification to their Moodle to increase clarity and make training a bit easier: they’re renamed pages and labels. Whenever I have trained teachers or user brand new to Moodle I’ve found that explaining resources and activities is one of the first hurdles, the 2nd being that labels appear on your course page and pages appear as their own pages within the course. They used to be called “web pages” which was only slightly more descriptive.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Looks like the team at Sussex has taken it a step further and re-labeled each with a short phrase:

“Displayed Content” and “Click-to-Reveal Content” vs “Label” and “Page

Seems pretty straight forward; perhaps there is something to be said for the one word descriptions currently used. Would you support that at the Moodle core level? Check out the full Sussex post at