CBTec Launches a MOOC Platform, accepts Moodle MBZ files and has a Moodle Compatible Mobile App


TechCrunch recently highlighted Eliademy, a site created by CBTec which they mentioned is compatible with Moodle. The MOOC engine is in the mold of Coursera or Udemy (though minus the fees, lineup of A+ Professors and VC millions).  The aesthetics are very simple and starting a course is incredibly easy. Techcrunch claims that the Eliademy “shares the same codebase” as Moodle; if that’s the case perhaps this is a great way to showcase an incredibly improved Moodle aesthetic and UX. Another aspect of the touted Moodle compatibility, as far as I can gather, stems from the shown ability to import a Moodle backup or MBZ file (up to 256MB).

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upload moodle format

Unfortunately all I received was an error with the 1.9 MB MBZ file I attempted with. I could see the value of easily putting a Moodle-based course online in a format that’s more similar to Udemy’s course creation tools. For anyone interested in how other LMS platforms are doing with resource adding and course creation you should continue reading: the interface is slick and easy to use with a quick drop down for adding videos, documents and other info.


Not always 100% intuitive, there are some really interesting and novel ways that the course format helps navigation and keeps things simple. Here’s a course I put together in about 10 minutes:

Eliademy  Bike Commuting Basics

And for what it’s worth, the free app looks pretty slick as well as per the screenshots on Google Play (the webpage itself was already responsive); unfortunately after downloading I was also unable to login 🙁