Update note: originally the title to this post was “Another Look at Eliademy, a free alternative to Moodle” which might have been misleading implying that Moodle isn’t free. Rather I was thinking of the cloud-based nature of Eliademy (and other similar services) in comparison to Moodle. I’ve revised the post title to reflect that.

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The folks at Eliademy connected with me to checkout their site after they did a major upgrade. If you recall, Eliademy is a new LMS that allows for Moodle backup files to be restored to their system. Their new LMS features a pretty simple look and feel, is very easy to use and create with but lacks some of the tools I’ve grown to love in Moodle core.

Looking at their site again (which was updated with various language support and now Mobile), I didn’t notice any major changes affecting my account. I did want to give the Moodle restore feature a go again though. Uploading was a snap (it did take me a second to locate the upload/restore area once more) and the course did restore this time (no errors).

Unfortunately not all of your resources and activities can be ported over. I had a few labels and 2 files make it, all of the pages and some of the labels were left behind (generally only the topic titles and files were transitioned). Here’s a side by side comparison of Moodle to Eliademy (same course).

I think it’s a solid attempt at providing Moodle backup/restore to another LMS (it certainly would alleviate concerns of any migration) but it doesn’t quite appear ready for primetime if you’re looking for a Moodle alternative that will not require you to rework your already created courses.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for checking our update so promptly and spending time to create a course.
    Our update was related to course editing functionalities such as ability to embed google documents and live video broadcasting.
    You are right, we didn’t update the moodle import functionality, we believe that as-is with the advance editing options many educators are finding it usefull.
    I highly reccomend that visitors will vote into our blog their favorite functionality and we promise that in few weeks time it will become available.

    The main idea behind eliademy still is simplicity therefore we will hand pick only the most popular requests and apply our design principles.

    Once again we thank you for the review. You have a really great blog!



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