The annual Internet Trends report created by Kleiner Perkins VC Mary Meeker is a pretty big deal. Its just a glimpse of all of the information and research that some of the most powerful Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley (and the world) leverage on a daily basis as they listen to business pitches and talk with entrepreneurs looking to make an economic impact and grow a business.

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Generally I flip through it each year and see if I can learn something new about what’s looming on the horizon and put into perspective the sheer size and scope of some large companies. This year I learned at least two things:

1. I’m worth about $6 to Facebook for advertising (ad revenue per user).  Which doesn’t seem like much (my photo albums are priceless!) but does when you put it in the context of how many users FB has. Check out Slide 37.

2. Education and education technology are definitely on the radar of big VC firms. Coursera, Udacity, CodeAcademy and others are all mentioned as disruptive forced in higher education and education at large. On Slide 110 though we see the inclusion of a survey by the Center for Learning & Performance Technology which speaks to the changing environment of “learning tools”.  Along with Twitter, Youtube, Google Search and WordPress, Moodle is mentioned as one of the top tools.

Check out the full presentation at

Anyways, Moodle is obviously at the top of my learning tools list but I don’t always see it listed in presentations that can shake up markets or in any research or reading I’m doing about entrepreneurship or technology.  Nice to see it on the radar of Silicon Valley.

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