An Update on the LTI App Store: 125 and counting


If you’re looking for tools that integrate into Moodle without custom mods installed, LTI is your ticket. Let’s take a moment to check back into the LTI App clearing house, Edu Apps which now lists over 125 LTI enabled tools that you can integrate into your site or classroom.


A few of the new apps:

  • AspirEdu: Aspire Analytics is a solution that helps schools increase student retention. The solution identifies students that are most at risk of dropping out of or failing online courses and ranks the riskiest students
  • ALEKS: ALEKS is an artificial intelligent assessment and learning system which uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course.
  • BadgeStack WordPress: This app allows course members to automatically log into your BadgeStack-enabled WordPress site from your LMS.
  • Dropbox: This lightweight integration lets Dropbox users select and link to files within course content or in conjunction with homework submissions.
  • Github: Embeds project summaries or code gists from GitHub’s social coding site. Includes major language, commit dates, forks and watchers for repos, syntax-highlighted code for gists.
  • Softchalk: Build, modify and link to learning resources created using the SoftChalk Cloud development engine. Supports writing grades back when used as a graded assessment.
  • Starfish: Starfish is enterprise student success software which tightly integrates with LMSes and SISes. Starfish EARLY ALERT™ identifies at-risk students based on the reported observations of advisors and instructors.
  • Studyroom: StudyRoom is a social learning platform that makes courses a more collaborative and social experience. Students can finally meet their classmates online, form study groups and really study together.

Not to mention that Waypoint Outcomes is now LTI enabled! I trialed Waypoint Outcomes and their rubric system for a few months and found it to be intuitive and potentially very valuable to teachers (we went with Turnitin as it met more of our needs). Waypoint offers a very robust rubric and scoring toolset, read more about the LTI enabled app here: