moocsWhile MOOC may be a new word that’s hitting mainstream, large open courses have been Moodle’s bread and butter for a few years ( is one of the worlds largest MOOCs in my opinion). is a great place to find MOOC-like courses that you can use to learn a new skill or participate in a learning community online.

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Here’s a course available that can help you learn something about Statistics with R programming language (R programming language). The course was recorded at the Indian School of Business ( this past February ’13.

From the course page []:

In recent years, the R language has become almost the lingua franca in statistics, especially in academic and high performance computing circles. This in itself, however, is insufficient motivation to use or learnt it. In fact, a large part of the “usual” or “traditional” statistics can still be performed just as well in SAS or maybe even STATA.

Rather, the popularity of R is only symptomatic of the revolution that has occurred in the field of statistics itself in recent years. The field of statistics has become increasingly computational and increasingly emphasizes analyzing data with fewer and fewer assumptions. Data analysis, itself, is now less formulaic, and we now have the statistical tools to essentially build the analysis around the data. It is these tasks that R enables, and it is for this reason that the software is gaining popularity.

The emphasis in these classes will be on these aspects of R. As such, the proposed course is as much a course in R as it is a course in the computational statistics. Further, the course will involve a non-trivial component of programming that cannot be avoided. Finally, computational statistics is all about generating solutions on the fly, and a certain amount of creativity and mathematical maturity is necessary to make best use of the course.

The course is open and available and no cost as per the rules of hosting at FreeMoodle. Are you ready for a Moodle MOOC?

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