A Comparison of LMS Accessibility (#d2l, #blackboard, #Sakai)


If you’re interested how other LMSes stack up with Moodle (and vice versa) here’s a report by Hadi Rangin of the University of Illinois along with others from the Universities of Ohio State, Indiana and Illinois. According to the report,

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If not designed with accessibility in mind, Learning Management Systems (LMS) can pose accessibility problems for students and instructors with disabilities. Depending on the features enabled for a given course, students with disabilities could find that participating independently and effectively is nearly impossible. Some LMS tools—Discussions, Quizzes, Chat, or Wiki tools, for instance—can be more problematic than others. Learning Management Systems are becoming richer and more complex applications, and if they are not designed with accessibility in mind, it can be next to impossible to make them accessible and usable to users with various needs.

The report features a full data sheet of how the ratings and rankings of each LMS were calculated if you want to dig that deep.  You can read the full report or view the spreadsheet data by visiting Hadi’s blog: http://blog.bargirangin.com/2013/03/a-comparison-of-learning-management.html.  The report data compare the LMSs on various criteria including personalization and customization, compatibility testing, navigation, help and documentation, and much more.


This was shared originally at Moodle.org.