2 additional companies bring Moodle’s Official Partner list to 57


The Moodle partner list was just a handful of companies in a few key countries a couopld of years ago.  The expansion of Moodle Partners has steadily increased and now lists over 55 companies worldwide.  EFaktor in Norway and Elearning & Software SRL in Romania are two of the newest adds.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Moodle Partner status is how companies can provide Moodle related services such as hosting, training, development and implementation without infringing on the Moodle Trade and Service marks.  In the US the best known partners are Moodlerooms and Remote Learner (Classroom Revolution and Lambda Solutions also cover North America). Once more territorial and regionally awarded more and more have established international appeal and reach.

More information about the Moodle Partner program can be found at http://moodle.com/partners/about/.



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