WizIQ has announced the availability of its updated virtual classroom plugin for the recently released Moodle Version 2.3, one of the first virtual classroom plugins available for Moodle 2.3.

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Here’s a quick summary the WizIQ Virtual Classroom module for Moodle 2.3 which now had enhanced scheduling pages, attendance reports and easily accessed recordings:

Schedule class page

  • A quick help that opens a popup box is provided for every field item in the interface.
  • A teacher may choose a time zone of his/her students’ geographic location.
  • An administrator of the website can schedule classes for other teachers of a course.


Attendance reports

  • downloadable attendance reports

Class recordings

  • All classes on WizIQ can be recorded. The administrator of the Moodle website can then allow students to view the recordings online or download them for later reference. Recorded classes capture media sharing (audio/video), desktop sharing, and content sharing within the main portion of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

Students can launch a recorded session directly from their Moodle course page.

Learn More or Download the Plugin.

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