Here’s the newest piece of info from Moodle HQ, a very classy video/commercial that highlights all that Moodle LMS has to offer.  I believe the narrator is none other than Martin Dougiamas himself touting the 10+ years of development, 100s of features and long list of Moodlers world wide.  Including Buckingham Palace!

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Direct video link:

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  1. “Trust Moodle” was one of the lines in the video that caught my attention. I didn’t mean to confuse the message but that is one of the quotes that I thought was most powerful.

    Around the 1 minute mark it talks about the 70,000 sites and 200 countries “trust moodle for their online learning needs”.

    I thought it was catchy in/out of context. I mean no offense. I love the video.

  2. Nicely done! I think it does a good job summarizing Moodle in sixty seconds. I’m making a “Moodle Commercial” right now for our District, but it’s going to focus on actual demo features such as drag and drop. We lost a bunch of teachers to Edmoto because it was “easier to use.” Edmoto is 1/100th as powerful but for teachers who just want an interactive website they found it easier. Moodle’s drag and drop feature will be huge in bringing some of those folks back, as will the improved ExamView quiz import. In American high schools, ExamView is absolute King. Being able to import ExamView quizzes is mission critical for us. I’m rambling so I’ll shut up now.


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